Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beautiful and Ornate Wooden Spool Ornaments!

To see my FULL tutorial on how to put these together, please click on my YouTube video at:
I made these beautiful little spool ornaments out of unfinished wooden spools (Approx. 1-1/8 inch tall and a little under 2-1/2 inches around the middle part.) I loved this project because the ornaments are SO easy, yet they look like something you took a long time putting together. The first thing I did was to paint all of the spools with white glossy acrylic paint. I did this because I thought the white would look nice against a green tree AND because I wasn't too sure what color scrapbook paper I would be using. When I finished painting all of them white, I added some "sparkle" to the tops and bottoms by giving it a coat of DecoArt's "Craft Twinkles" in the color "Crystal." You don't HAVE to do this, but I did it for a little extra sparkle. I then cut strips of scrapbook paper, ultra fine glittered vinyl, and rhinestone bling. I glued everything on  with a fairly generous amount of Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue. After it dried, I painted some craft twinkles over the ornaments with scrapbooking paper.
The rest of the details can be found in my tutorial. I posted the link at the top of this post so you can  see what I did to put everything together. Listed below are the materials you will need.
*Unfinished Wooden Spools (I purchased mine on  Ebay from  
*3 inch Silver Plated Head Pins (I purchased mine on Etsy from
*White Glossy Acrylic Paint
*DecoArt Craft Twinkles in the color "Crystal" OR any clear acrylic glitter paint
*Scrapbook Paper, Ultra Fine Glittered Vinyl, Scrapbook Rhinestone Bling
*Glass Beads in various colors and sizes. I would start with 4mm or 6mm, 14mm, and 8mm
*Various bead caps and spacers in various sizes...the wire type bead caps work the best. You can buy assorted mixtures on Ebay or Etsy.
*Ornament thread for hanging (I used beading thread)
*Round Nose Pliers (Found in the jewelry making section)
*Optional: wire cutters 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY~Cute Faux Peppermint Candy Christmas Ornaments!

Click on the following link to see my full YouTube tutorial
on how to make these cute ornaments!
These cute ornaments are inexpensive and super easy to make! This would be a great craft for kids too! You will need the following materials:

Red and White Chenille Pipe Cleaners/Fuzzy Sticks
(Or any other color of your choice along with white.)
White Tulle with sparkles in it (Found mine at Michael's for $3.99...10 yards.)
Narrow ribbon in green and red
Wire cutters
Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun
Tweezers OR Round Nosed Pliers

DIY~Elegant Dew Drop Rose Pens! Nice Party Favor!

Please click on the following link to see the full tutorial on my YouTube channel:

These beautiful dew drop rose pen flowers make great party favors for ANY occasion! See below for a list of materials you will need:

Materials Needed
Roses (Red or white if you are doing a Christmas theme)
A roll of floral tape
Ball Point pens with cap
Flat back rhinestones in various sizes (I chose the Recollections brand)

Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutters

Saturday, June 7, 2014

DIY~Gorgeous Embellished Felt Christmas Ornaments! Super EASY!

Click on the picture above for a "close up" look at the ornaments!
These ornaments turned out so nice and I really enjoyed making them! The ornaments are lightweight, so they won't weigh down your Christmas tree branches and they have an exceptional sparkle to them! The lonely red ornament in the picture was kind of my prototype and the white ones are my finished projects. Don't miss this tutorial! Click on the following YouTube link to see full instructions

Materials Needed:
*White STIFF felt (NOT the sticky back kind!)
*Decoart Twinkles glitter paint in "Crystal"
*Filigree Metal Connectors (These are super inexpensive and can be found on Etsy or Ebay.)
*Flat Back Rhinestones of various sizes, textures, colors (I purchased most of mine when the Recollections brand was on sale for 40% off at Michael's.)
*Christmas Ornament Patterns (I Googled "free Christmas ornament patterns" and many patterns came up, however, I chose to use the pattern at this link:

Tools Used
Low Temp. hot glue gun
Sharp pair of scissors
Scrapbooking hole punch
Cheap paint brush
Mechanical Pencil
Beading thread or ornament thread

Monday, June 2, 2014

DIY~ Gorgeous Pendant Necklace Made From Scrapbooking Bling! Sooo Easy!

Make gorgeous pendant necklaces from scrapbook bling and metal connectors! These are sooo inexpensive and easy to make, plus they make terrific gifts! Check out my YouTube video for full instructions.
Click on the link below to see my YouTube tutorial:
Materials Needed:
Filigree Metal Connectors
Scrapbook Bling
15 inches of Suede Cord
2 Cord Tips
2 Jump Rings
1 Clasp Set
Flat Nose Pliers
Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun OR E-6000 Glue

Friday, May 9, 2014

DIY~Gorgeous Gift Card Holders/Ornaments To Hang On Your Christmas Tree!

I'm having a lot of fun with this project! They turned out gorgeous and they were so inexpensive and easy to make! The gift card holders double as Christmas ornaments that can be hung on your recipients tree. No more "lost" gift cards among the packages at Christmas time! Click on the following link to watch my full YouTube tutorial on how to make these:
To see a close up view of the tags, simply click on the picture above!

Materials You Will Need:

*Vinyl Glitter Sheets (I found mine at Michael's and Hobby Lobby)
*Tags from stationary store or find a template online and trace onto cereal box cardboard
*Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue
*Filigree Metal Connectors (Found on Ebay or Etsy...see the link below for the seller I use!)
*Wide Wire Ribbon (I prefer the kind with a wide edge to it. See my tutorial.)
*Large Flat Back Acrylic Stones (I used Recollections that I found at Michael's)
*Acrylic Rhinestone Sheets (I used the sticky-back kind made by Recollections...found at Michael's)
*Gold Beading Thread (Or some other thread to use for hanging.)

Additional Tools:
*Good pair of scissors
*Scrapbooking Hole Puncher
*Mechanical Pencil

Here is the link to the Etsy seller that I used to buy my metal connectors from. She has some very pretty things! Check her out at

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DIY~ Make Adorable Cupcake Bead Earrings! Sooo Easy!

Click on the link below to see my YouTube tutorial for full instructions:

Here is an update link on how I made cupcake earrings with "sprinkles."

These little cupcakes are sooo easy to make and they are adorable for birthdays, wedding showers, Mother's day, etc.! If you would like to see a "close up" of the cupcakes above, just click on the photo.

For each pair of earrings, you will need:

*Two 8mm glass pearls (pink, white, or brown) if you are making the small earrings.
(Darice brand for .99 cents per strand at Michael's.)

*Two 10mm glass pearls (pink, white, or brown) if you are making the large pair of earrings.
(Darice brand for .99 cents per strand at Michael's.)

* Two 3mm red glass pearls for the cherries.
(Darice brand for .99 cents per strand at Michael's.)

*Two basket type bead caps. I bought mine from a seller on Ebay. You can also check on Etsy. Just type in "bead caps" or "basket bead caps." They are extremely inexpensive!

*Two head pins. I used silver plated 22 gauge.

*Two Ear Wires

**You will also need the following jewelry making tools:

Long nose pliers
Nipper tool
Round nose pliers

Saturday, April 12, 2014

How To Make a Beautiful and EASY Cross Ornament


All beads to make this cross were found at  ~I would highly suggest calling in your order instead of filling out the online form. You can also find these beads at as well as Ebay or Etsy.

WARNING: Once you make this beautiful cross, you will find yourself becoming addicted and you won't want to stop making them! :o)

To make ONE cross ornament, you will need the following:
4 of the 8mm round faceted acrylic beads
5 of the 10mm round faceted acrylic beads
11 of the 18mm starflake (some people call them paddle wheel) acrylic beads

*Beads I used were ordered from

1 Iridescent Tinsel stem (I found mine in the Kid's craft section at Walmart for less than $2 per package.)
Embellishment, such as a tiny rose or small flat-back heart rhinestone.
Wire cutter
Flat nose pliers
E-6000 glue

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Make Adorable & Inexpensive Candy Bunny Cars for Easter!

This is such a fun craft and very kid friendly...and they hold together amazingly well!
Make these adorable little candy bunny cars for Easter and bring a smile to the faces of young and old alike! Please click on the following link to see my YouTube video on how to make these and check out the list of items you will need below. Have fun!
Click here for the tutorial:
Materials Needed for Each Car:
1 Reese's Peanut Butter Egg
7 Hershey's Miniatures Chocolate Bars
4 Individually Wrapped Lifesavers Candy (I used the Spring mix from Dollar Tree)
1 Small Foil Wrapped Solid Chocolate Bunny (I found a bag by Palmer at the Dollar Tree)
Clear Cellophane Bag
Sheer Ribbon in Spring Color (I found mine at the Dollar Tree)
Regular Gift Wrap Tape
Scotch Permanent DOUBLE-SIDED Tape (I found mine at Walmart where the regular tape is located.)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jelly Bean Prayer Topper~Fits 3 In. Wide Craft Baggie

Ladies, I posted a NEW jelly bean prayer baggie topper for you. Enjoy!

Click on the link below to download a sheet of toppers in Adobe PDF format. The toppers will fit a 3 inch wide craft baggie.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

EASY and INEXPENSIVE Easter Centerpiece/Candy Bowl

This little project is unbelievably easy to make and can be easily adapted to any holiday. For example, you can use small poinsettias in various colors or red and white roses and a cardinal bird for a Christmas nest.


1. Buy a little bird’s nest, approximately 4.5 inches wide, from a craft store such as Michael’s.
2. Use a low-temp hot glue gun and glue just enough Spanish moss to cover the bottom and sides of the nest.
3. Cut small roses and leaves from artificial flower scraps and hot glue them on the edge of the nest. Add baby's breath or pearl sprays to give it a little something extra.
4. Nestle and hot glue a little bird on top of the flowers.
5. You can fill the nest with whatever egg-shaped candy you would like, however, I chose Brach’s fruit flavored speckled jelly beans for my project. This little nest makes a nice presentation and I think anyone hosting an Easter dinner would be happy to set this little bird on their table.

Some examples of egg-shaped candy:
*Foil wrapped chocolate eggs
*Speckled jelly beans
*Speckled robin eggs (malted milk balls)

* TIP: If you can’t find nests at your craft store, you can always buy a small, natural wreath. Just trace a circle (a plastic lid works great) onto brown STIFF felt, cut it out, then hot glue it under the bottom of the wreath. I’ve done this before and it works great!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Cute Easter "Sundae" Craft~EASY and frugal!

Lana Glass, Founder of "Incredible Edible Crafts" has very generously allowed me to post some of her crafts on my blog. Thank you, Lana! Please visit to see more cute projects.

I love this idea because You can adapt this craft to ANY Holiday by simply changing the colors and candy.

Step 1. Find a Sundae glass you would like to use in your candy arrangement.

Step 2. Fill the Sundae glass with the Easter candy of your choice. I used milk chocolate eggs for my Candy Sundae.

Step 3. Put the stick candy, which matches the other candy colors, into the glass.
Step 4.

a) Prepare curling ribbons in Easter colors (pastel red, pastel yellow, pastel green, etc.). You can also use ready-made curl swirls.

b) Take a piece of pipe cleaner (chenille wire) or thin stem wire, bend it over the middle of the curling ribbons, twisting the two legs tightly near the ribbon. Curl the ribbons by pulling them over the edge of the scissors.

c) Insert the wired curling ribbons in the glass. Great job!

Congratulations on your beautiful Easter Candy Sundae!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

DIY~Make Inexpensive and Super Cute Candy Sleighs!


For each candy sleigh, you will need the following:
1 Kit Kat Candy Bar (1.5 oz.)
12 Hershey Miniature Candy Bars
2 Candy Canes
1 Chocolate Santa (used Palmer brand)
3 Chocolate Presents (Palmer brand)
1 Clear Cellophane Bag
Star Tinsel or Ribbon
Low-Temp Hot Glue Gun

*Please click on the links below to see where this idea originated from. A lovely lady by the name of Ellyn has given me permission to do a tutorial on her sleighs; however, you must see Ellyn’s sleighs because they are just adorable!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

FREE Printable PDF Cookbooks! Great For The Holidays!

Free cook booklet, titled "Pies For All Seasons" from Karo syrup. Wonderful 9 page book! Very easy pie recipes with photos! Click on the purple link below to print your copy: is offering a free downloadable Christmas Cookie recipe booklet with beautiful pictures! Please visit the site for a ton of ideas! Click on the link below:

Download your free Eagle Brand Sweetened, Condensed Milk Recipe booklet! Click on the link below:

Click on the link below for your FREE Jiffy Mix cook booklet!

Download free recipe books from Land ‘O’ Lakes:
Click on the link below for a FREE, downloadable recipe booklet with some delicious Christmas treat recipes!

Click on the link below for GLUTEN-FREE version of this recipe book:

SunMaid® Raisins is offering free PDF format downloads of 34 different recipe booklets the company put out between 1910 and 2010. The vintage photos in the recipe booklets are wonderful! Click on the link below. When the page opens, you can scroll the timeline from side to side to choose the books you'd like to download. 

I just love Gooseberry Patch! Click on the link below for beautiful free cook books, downloadable gift tags, screen savers and MORE!
When the page opens, click the tab that says, "Free Goodies" at the top and then click on "Circle of Friends Cookbooks." Lots of delicious recipes!