Thursday, November 26, 2015

DIY~Make Adorable Toy Soldier Earrings OR Charms From The Nutcracker!

Make these adorable little toy soldiers earrings OR charms from the Nutcracker! I purchased my beads from Ebay and they weren't that expensive. These are so much fun to make! I was inspired from a photo that I saw on Pinterest. I searched the internet and found several versions of this little guy, but this is the way I put mine together. Be sure to click on the following link to see my full YouTube tutorial on how to make toy soldier earrings:

Materials Needed For Each Pair Of Earrings:
Two 3 Inch Headpins, 21 Gauge
Two Ear Wires
Two 8mm Black Abacus Beads
Four 6mm Blue Cube Beads
Two 6mm Square Crystal Spacer Beads
Two 8mm Red Cube Beads
Two 6mm Black Crystal Rondelle Spacer Beads
Two 8x12 Black Teardrop Beads (With vertical hole)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

DIY~Gorgeous "No-Shed" Glitter Trinket Boxes! Easy and Inexpensive!

You can make GORGEOUS no-shed glitter trinket boxes out of ANY size Kraft box. These are a little too small to use as gift card holders, however, you can purchase the larger size to make them work for you. I'm using these as jewelry holders, so this will work fine for what I need. I decorated the boxes with various acrylic rhinestone buttons that I found mainly from sellers on Ebay and Etsy, as well as flat back embellishments. In my video, I do make a couple of suggestions on how you can make your OWN "faux" versions of acrylic rhinestone buttons. Be sure to click on the following link to see my YouTube tutorial on how to make these little beauties!

Click on this link to see my tutorial:

This is where I purchased my Kraft Boxes (free shipping too!)

Materials Needed:

*Kraft Boxes (I used 3-1/4 X 2-1/4
*Glitter (Circular cut)
*Acrylic Rhinestone Buttons and Embellishments (Ebay, Etsy, Recollections embellishments from MIchael's 
*Sharpie Pens, Gold/Silver Leafing Pens, Paint Pens, that match your glitter. 
*Amazing Goop OR E-6000 Glue
*Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue
*Mod Podge One Coat Gloss (Blue Label) Do NOT use the regular Mod Podge with the orange label. This is totally different and you won't get the same effect. See my video!

*Wire Cutter to cut button shanks
*Soft Large Paint Brush (I use the Elf brand contouring brush from Dollar Tree)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

DIY~Adorable Toddler Sock Snowmen From The Dollar Store!

See how to make these adorable little snowmen or snow babies out of Dollar Tree toddler socks! Click on the following link to see my full YouTube tutorial:

Materials Needed For Each Snowman:

*1 White Toddler Sock (About 4.5 to 5 inches long from top to toe of sock) Dollar Tree or other store.
*1 Printed Toddler Sock for hat and scarf (Dollar Tree or other store)
*White Embroidery Floss
*Tiny Buttons (I found mine at Walmart)
*Puffy Paint or Dimensional Paint in shiny Black AND shiny Orange
*Pink Eyeshadow or Blush (Dollar Tree)
*Snowflake (Dollar Tree) If you can't find them, you can use snowflake brads (Michael's)
*Flat Back Rhinestone

*Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue (Walmart)
*1 Q-Tip

Friday, November 6, 2015

DIY~ Sweet Tiny Beaded Dancing Ballerina Charm, Pendant OR Earrings!

Make this adorable little dancing Ballerina Christmas! You can use her as a pendant on a chain or add her to a dangle purse charm OR if you would like, you can make two and turn them into dangle earrings! It took me a while to figure out how to maker her, but I think she turned out cute! This is so easy to do! It is simply a matter of adding beads to headpins and an eyepin. See my FULL YouTube tutorial on how to make this little Ballerina by clicking on the following link:

Materials Needed:
One 2 Inch Eyepin, 21 Gauge
One 2 Inch Headpin, 21 Gauge
Two 1 Inch Headpins, 21 Gauge
Two 4mm Round Czech Beads In Color Of Your Choice For Shoes
Six 3mm Crystal Bicones For Legs
One 12mm Margarita, Maguerite, Lochrose OR Plum Rose Bead For Tutu
One 6mm Crystal Bicone For Top Portion Of Body
One 6mm Pearl For Face
One 5mm Crystal AB Rondelle Spacer Bead for Crown

If you are making your ballerina into a necklace, you will also need:
One Oval Jump Ring
One Necklace Chain

Tools Needed:
Wire Cutter
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Saturday, October 31, 2015

DIY Some "Ear Candy!" Adorable Christmas Candy Earrings/Charms!

Make these super easy and adorable "Christmas Candy"earrings! You can turn just about any bead into "Christmas Candy" just by adding some 8mm Czech Pressed Glass Flower Beads! These would make terrific charms as well! 

Be sure to click on the link below to see my FULL YouTube tutorial on how to make these beautiful and fun little earrings:

Materials Needed: 

*8mm Czech Pressed Glass Flower Beads (Clear to resemble cellophane)
*Any round, oval or flat beads between 10mm and 14mm wide. (See YouTube Video)
*2 Inch Long Headpins
*Ear Wires

*Round Nose Pliers
*Flat Nose Pliers
*Wire Cutters OR Nipper Tool

DIY~Make An Adorable & Sparkly "Sugar Dove" Ornament!

To see my FULL YouTube tutorial on how to make this little bird, please click on the following link:

Materials Needed:
STIFF White Felt (NON-Adhesive back)
Chunky, Gritty Type Glitter That Looks Like German Glass (Crystal)
Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue
Mod Podge One Coat GLOSS With The Blue Label (NOT the regular Mod Podge With The Orange Label.)
Shiny, Black Puffy Paint
Flatback Rhinestones (Small)
Narrow Sparkly Ribbon
Tiny Heart Rhinestone
Beading Thread
Low Temp. Hot Glue

Thursday, October 22, 2015

DIY~Super Cute Candy Trains For Christmas! Easy & Inexpensive!

These little candy trains are perfect to give to co-workers or children at Christmas. They make delightful little favors at the dinner table too! If you plan on making only a few trains, you can find most of the candies at the Dollar Tree. See below for a list of materials that you will need.

To see my full YouTube tutorial on how to make the candy trains, click on the following link:

Materials Needed For One Candy Train:

*5 Stick Pack of Gum (Dollar Tree)
*Roll of Lifesavers
*Peanut Butter Cup Miniature (You can use the cheaper Palmer brand if you would like.)
*Hershey Miniature Candy Bars (Dollar Tree)
*Hershey Kiss (Dollar Tree)
*Peppermint Candies (Dollar Tree)

*LOW Temp. Hot Glue Gun
*Scotch Tape

Thursday, October 15, 2015

DIY~Amazing Christmas Lollipop Caddy Gift Made With Dollar Store Items!

You can make this adorable lollipop caddy for Christmas AND it won't break the bank! I found most of my items from the Dollar Tree, so this would make a perfect inexpensive gift for neighbors, friends or family. Please click on the following link to see my full YouTube tutorial as to how I made this:

*Caution: I used a little too much hot glue in the video and I had to "muscle" out the lollipops. If you decide to use a little hot glue when placing the lollipops into the Styrofoam, use just a teeny-tiny drop...or none at all. 

Materials Needed:

*Square, WHITE Styrofoam Block (Dollar Tree)
*Glittered Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
*Foil Tissue Wrap (Dollar Tree) You can also use cellophane or aluminum foil.
*Curling Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
*2.5 Inch Wide NON-sheer Wire Ribbon With A Wide Edge to it. See my YouTube tutorial!
*Tootsie Pop Lollipops (9 Per Caddy) (Dollar Tree has small packages. If you are doing a lot, you might want to invest in a large bag from Walmart. 
*Artificial Iridescent Faux Snow (The type they sell at Michael's in a bag OR at Walmart during the holidays.)

Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun

Friday, October 9, 2015

DIY~Sparkling Crystal Santa Head Earrings Or Charms!

Make these adorable Santa Claus head earrings/charms in no time at all! You can give them as gifts to family and friends OR sell them at your next craft show/fund raising event. Please click on the following link to see my full YouTube tutorial on how to make these Santa Head Earrings:

Materials Needed:

Two 10mm Round Crystal Beads
Two 8mm Crystal Rondelle Spacer Bead
Two 8x6 Teardrop Bead In Color Of Your Choice
Two 4mm White Round Pearls

Two 2 Inch, 21 Gauge Headpins
Two Ear Wires

Thursday, October 8, 2015

DIY~Make Inexpensive and Super Cute Candy Sleighs!

Click on the link below to see my full YouTube tutorial on how to make these cute candy sleighs for Christmas! Each sleigh only costs $2.18 each to make, minus the wrapping!

For each candy sleigh, you will need the following:
1 Kit Kat Candy Bar (1.5 oz.)
12 Hershey Miniature Candy Bars
2 Candy Canes
1 Chocolate Santa (used Palmer brand)
3 Chocolate Presents (Palmer brand)
1 Clear Cellophane Bag
Star Tinsel or Ribbon
Low-Temp Hot Glue Gun

*Please click on the links below to see where this idea originated from. A lovely lady by the name of Ellyn has given me permission to do a tutorial on her sleighs; however, you must see Ellyn’s sleighs because they are just adorable!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Free Printable Christian Candy Corn Topper By Request

Several Ladies were requesting a Christian Candy Corn topper, so I wrote a little poem and turned it into a topper. I didn't copyright the poem, so others could use and enjoy it freely. This will fit a 3 inch wide craft baggie. Enjoy!

To download this sheet of toppers in PDF format, download the document below. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

DIY Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings Using Premade Rosary Chain! So Easy!

These gorgeous chandelier earrings are so simple and quick to make! I purchased premade Rosary chain in 4mm from an Etsy seller. I simply counted the beads I wanted then opened the chain with flat nose/chain nose pliers and attached the chain to the chandelier earring connector. I added a French wire earring hook and it was finished! What could be simpler? I created a list below as well as as a couple of Etsy sellers that I purchased chain from. If you want to do this on a larger scale and sell them at craft shows, you can find sellers on Ebay who will sell you 4mm chain in rolls of 10 yards or more. You can also purchase chandelier earring connectors on Ebay, Etsy OR any local or Online bead store. 

Please click on the following link to see my FULL YouTube tutorial on how to make these simple earrings:

For each PAIR of earrings, you will need the following:

*2 Chandelier Earring Connectors (5 hole)
*Premade 4mm Rosary Chain Of Your Choice (1 foot of 4mm rosary chain (minus 3 beads) for the 5 hole earring connectors.
*2 Ear Wires
*Flat Nose OR Chain Nose Pliers

I purchased my 4mm clear AB Czech rosary chain from the following Etsy seller:

I purchased my 4mm green Picasso rosary chain from the following seller:

Here is another example of Rosary chain earrings. These are 4mm Czech glass Rosary chain that are attached to a couple of tiny Tierracast chandelier "reducers." 

Monday, September 28, 2015

DIY~ Gorgeous Sparkling Holiday Earrings For Beginners! Easy!

Click on the following link for the FULL Youtube tutorial on how to make these gorgeous earrings! I teach you TWO EASY WAYS to make loops that you don't have to wrap AND that are fast, easy and secure! The earrings come out stunningly beautiful when using inexpensive Chinese crystals and they make the perfect Christmas gift!

Here is the link to the YouTube tutorial:

Materials Needed For A Pair Of Earrings:

* Two 30mm Silver Or Gold Plated Wire Earring Hoops in the style shown. You can find these on Etsy or Ebay.
* Two 10mm Rondelle or Donut Shaped Chinese Crystals
* Sixteen 8mm Rondelle or Donut Shaped Chinese Crystals
*Eighteen 1 Inch Silver Or Gold Plated Head Pins
*Two Silver Or Gold Plated French Earring Wires

Tools Needed:

*Round Nose Jewelry Pliers
*Flat Nose Jewelry Pliers
* Wire Cutters (If making the Rosary style loops)

I purchased my 1 inch silver plated head pins from the following Ebay seller:

Please check out Nurse Tara's wonderful videos at:

I have used this seller on Etsy. She is good and sells the 30mm wire hoop earring findings. She is based in China and accepts Paypal payments:

Monday, September 21, 2015

Antique Postcards To Use In Your Projects!

I thought you would enjoy these antique postcards that I've had for years. The first postcard was mailed to a Mr. Arthur Herbert in Illinois, in February of 1908. You can see all the beauties of that era that form the letters USA. The second postcard is a hand painted card, also from the very early 1900's. You can use these in any of your personal handmade projects! Just click on the postcard and save to your computer. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Scrap Some Cute Little Hershey Nuggets For ANY Occasion or Season!!

Scrap these cute little Hershey's Nuggets ANY time of the year! Simply use any ribbon according to the occasion or season! This makes a great little party favor!


Materials Needed: 

3/4 inch wide ribbon that has been cut into 3 inch long strips
Low Temp. hot glue gun
Hershey's Nuggets OR Nestle Treasures candy