Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Need To Wrap A Last Minute Gift? Don't Have Any Gift Wrapping Materials On Hand? Check Out These Ideas!


*Unused Travel Maps
*12x12 Scrapbook Paper
*Comics Page From Newspaper
*Pretty Magazine Pages
*Felt Square
*Aluminum Foil
*Colorful Old Calendar Pages
*Brown Paper Bags That Have Been Stamped or Stenciled.


*Artificial Flowers that you can hot glue or tie onto package.
*Measuring Spoons
*Candy! Do you have any wrapped candy lying around the house? They make great adornments for packages.
*Fishing Lures
*Packaged Party Favor Toys
*Inexpensive Lace
*Cinnamon Sticks & Ribbon

*Punch Shapes out of aluminum foil with your larger shape punchers. Glue onto plain wrap or paper bags.
*Little Girl's Hair Accesories, such as pony tail ties, make great cellophane bag ties.
*Recycle Cards you've received by cutting out the picture or design. Tie onto
the package for a decoration. 

*Cut narrow strips of colorful magazine pages.
*Use the paper shreds from your shredder.
*Loosely crumpled up newspaper placed UNDER your shreds helps to fill the basket. You may also want to crumple tissue paper and place on top of the crumpled newspaper.

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