Monday, May 20, 2013

100 Frugal & Useful Gift Ideas for the "Hard-To-Buy-For" Men In Your Family!

When it comes to frugal gifts, I think women have the most trouble buying for men. Below are some useful, thoughtful and appreciated gifts for the men in your family. This list will also come in handy if you need help with gift basket ideas for men!

*Men's Scented Shower Gel with Black Nylon Scrubby (Found at Walmart.)
*Flashlight (All sizes!)
*Weather Radio

*Go To His Favorite Sports Team Website and Download a Copy of the Team's Schedule. Laminate and Add Magnets to Place on Refrigerator.
*Pocket Knife Tool
*DVD Movie from Walmart (They have them for as low as $5.00 to $7.50 each.)
*Large Can of Fancy Nuts

*Cheese Ball and Crackers
*3 Good Chocolate Bars (Such as Ghirardelli) Tied Together with Soft Raffia or Twine.

*Homemade Dip or Salsa
*Gourmet Hot Sauces
*Picture Hanging Kit with New Hammer

*Bundle of Shop Rags
*Fishing Lures/Line
*Homemade Barbeque Sauce (See recipes on the internet)

*Homemade Barbeque Rub (See recipes on the internet)
*Have the Kids/Grandkids Put Their Handprints/Names (With Fabric Paint) On a New Barbeque Apron. You Can Buy Nice, Plain Ones at Walmart where the Kitchen Towels are Located.
*Grilling Cookbook (Make your own with the kids by using a 4x6 photo brag book and printing recipes from the internet!) 
*Extendable Marshmallow/Hot Dog Skewers for Camping
*Fender Guitar Picks (If he is the musical type!) Check out Ebay!
*Ceramic or Travel Mug with his Favorite Photo of Someone, a Pet, or Something he Loves.
*Small Bottle of Real Maple Syrup, Tied with Raffia Bow Around Neck of Bottle.
*TV Caddy to Hold His Remote Controls.
*Bucket or Box from the Dollar Tree, Filled With His Favorite Snacks.
*Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
*A Pound of Good Coffee
*4 GB Flash Drive
*Memory Card
*Extra Phone Charger 
*Personalized Luggage Tags
*12 Pack of His Favorite Soda Pop
*Anti-Check Fraud Pens (Uni-ball-Pkg. of 2 at Walmart for $2.34)
*$10 Fast Food Gift Card
*$10 Starbucks Gift Card
*$10 Gift Card to a Bait Store (Fishing)

* $10 Gift Card To His Favorite Ice Cream Shop, Such as Cold Stone.
* $10 Gift Card For ITunes
* $10 Gas Gift Card
*Handmade Baseball Cap Organizer (See directions on my blog.)
*Set of Handmade Coasters (See directions on my blog .)
*Handmade Fire Bowls (See directions on my blog.)
*Favorite Magazine Subscription~Many are half-off around the holiday season or for first time subscribers.
*Table Top Game, Such as Yahtzee.

*Make a Mix of His Favorite Songs
*Over-stuffed pillow, made with a king size pillow case and stuffing. (For TV Watching.)
*Car Window cleaner that makes water "bead" and roll off the windshield. (Found at Walmart for approx. $5)

*Golf Balls and Tees in a Mason Jar (See my free printable Father's Day Mason jar label and tag set on my blog.)
*Various Flavors of Microwave Popcorn Arranged in a "Dollar Tree" Bowl.
*Sock Organizers Made From Cardboard Shoe or Photo Boxes...Cover with Manly-Looking Scrapbook Paper or Decoupage with Pages from his Favorite Sports/Hobby Magazine.
*Adjustable Cap with his favorite Hobbie or Team
*Eye Glass Repair Kit with Eye Glass Chamois

*Organic Seeds For His Garden (Check out Ebay!)
*Word Search/Suduko Puzzles (Dollar Tree)

*Bungee Cord Set

*Frame a Map for Hanging of some place he has fond memories of, such as a special trip or vacation. Print on matte photo paper and pick up a frame at Walmart. 
*Snow Cap
*Docking Station (Target or Walmart In The Pre-Wrapped Christmas Gift Section)
*2 Pairs of Really Good, Comfy Socks for Lounging
*Print "Return To" Labels for his Books, DVD's or CD's.
*Movie Ticket
*A Bucket of His Favorite Chips and Dips

*Prepaid Long Distance Calling Card
*Fishing License (You can buy them for the day, depending on where you live.)
*Fishing Lures/Line
*Keychain Bottle Opener
*Bundle of 6 Different Protein/Energy Bars In a Small Basket 
*A Simple Homemade Fleece Blanket in His Favorite Team Colors
*Blank CD's or DVD's
*Set of New Jewel Cases for CD's

*Container of Computer Screen Cleaning Wipes
*Deluxe Set of Cards and Poker Chips

*Phone Case
*New Blades For His Razor

*New Earbuds
*Giant Bath Towel, Decorated in His Favorite Team Colors (Sew Large, Colorful Buttons On Both Ends of Towel In Team Colors.)
*Work Gloves
*Regular Gloves

*Sew a Big Over-Stuffed Fleece Pillow In His Favorite Team Colors.
*Car Washing Kit

*Heated Ice Scraper
*Key Finder (Beeper.)

*Set of Stone Tiles (from hardware store) Turned into Coasters by Gluing Felt to the Underside
*Pocket Promise Book for Men (Scripture.)
*Folding Magnifying Glass
*Super Soft Men's Socks For Lounging
*Flat Book Light and Bookmarkers
*Air PressureTire Gauge

*Laser Level (You can find them at all different price ranges online.)
*Bird Feeder
*Pillow Neck Vibrator (At Walmart for Approx. $10.00)
*Small Alarm Clock for Travel
*Small Binoculars

*DVD from the $5 to $7 racks at Walmart
*Coupon for a "Big Game Day with the Guys." You Provide Lunch/Snacks on a Game Day of His Choice for Him and His Friends.
*Fill an Inexpensive Zippered Pouch With Sample Size Shampoo, Body Wash, Toothpaste, After-Shave, Cologne, Etc. for Travel
*New Computer Keyboard
*Give 12 Coupons to the "Cookie of the Month" or "Pie of the Month" Club....Home Baked By You!
*Knife Sharpener
*Engraved Money Clip


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Thank you so much Lori Jean for such a wonderful website. It is my favourite craft site and I have to visit it every day to see if you have put anything new on there. There is so much to see and enjoy. Thank you again and have a joyful christmas. God bless. Hugs Fiona

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You are so very welcome, Kamelot! I enjoy doing this for everyone. :o)

Lori Jean :o)

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Awesome ideas thank you so much for sharing!!!! I really love the one about printing their favorite football teams schedule!I never would have though of doing that!Thanks again Take care,kristianne25

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Great post! I'm searching the web for creative ideas for men.

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Thank you!!!! I had been looking for something like this in Internet for like forever!!!!!

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There are really great gift ideas for women. I am supposed to find something for my mother for mother's day but I might have to get something for myself too. Thanks so much for sharing.

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