Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Grandma's Secret Pumpkin Pie Recipe!

I thought I would share my Grandmother's secret pumpkin pie recipe with you! This picture was taken when Grandma (Martha Edwina) was 10 years old. Her fraternal twin brother is standing on the opposite side. Her secret was definitely in the spices and everyone looked forward to Grandma's pumpkin pies each Christmas. I have never tasted a better recipe and believe me, I've tried my share of pumpkin pie recipes over the years. 

To download your copy of Grandma's Secret Pumpkin Pie recipe in PDF format, please click on the link below:

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HDMac said...

Thank you, Lori!! I think the "secret" ingredient is the same thing that my mother in law shared with me many years ago!!

Love your idea of making up the spices and sending with the recipe card. You are just such a clever friend!!!!

HDMac said...

Lori Jean, I forgot to tell you that I loved that pic! These older pics are so precious!!!

HappyBird said...

Thanks, Marica! I have sooo many older pictures. Most are copies of the originals, other than a few my Grandfather gave me. They are very precious to me.