Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY~Water Bottle I.D. Band~Nice Stocking Stuffer Gift!


For a close up of this project, click on the picture with your mouse and it will open up in a larger window. 

Many thanks to Joann T. for this cute project! Joann very kindly allowed me to post her water bottle I.D. band. How many times have you lost your bottle in the fridge at work because several people bought the same brand water? These cute bottle I.D.'s were made with stretchy hair bands, wire, faceted beads and split jump rings! I'm going to make bands for stocking stuffers this Christmas and for some of my co-workers. See the instuctions below and enjoy!

You Will Need:
Thick Stretchy Pony Tail Holders (I found mine at Dollar Tree!)
Gold/Silver Color Beading Wire (Flexible)
Faceted Beads of your choice
Alphabet Beads or Alphabet Charms (You can find them at Michael's or Walmart in the kids craft supply section.)
9 mm Jump Rings (Joann used the split rings, however, I used the regular jump rings. If you can't find the 9mm, you can use 8mm or 10mm)
6 mm Jump Rings (I skipped this part in my video, however, you may use them if you would like.)


1. Cut a piece of beading wire that will be long enough for the name and faceted beads. Make sure you have a little extra wire at the ends.

2. String one of the faceted beads on the wire first, then add the alphabet beads. String the second faceted bead after the alphabet beads, making sure you leave extra wire at the end. With round nose pliers, twist each end of the wire into a circle. Attach a 6 mm jump ring on both ends.

3. Place 2 of the 9 mm jump rings onto the stretchy pony tail holder. the 6 mm jump rings to the 9 mm jump rings, so they hang from the pony tail holder.

The poem on the bottle was generously written by Doreen Scerri ©2010. Please remember to include the author's name and copyright if using this poem on your bottles. Thank you!

Spot your bottle...no confusion anymore,
Use this beaded name band;
Identification is what it's for!

©Doreen Scerri 2010


happeningswithLana said...

That is a very cute, good ideal! TFS!

Mary said...

This is just too cute! Tfs.

Craftymumz Creations said...

OMGoodness...Do I ever love this idea! THANK YOU so much!!!!!!! I know we will use this a lot... and my daughter is going to LOVE making them along with me!

Craftymumz Creations said...

I also wanted to say it is great to see you post again! I'm "missed" you!! HOpe everything is alright!

Doreen said...

Oh how lovely to see you featuring Joann's innovative idea with the water bottles as well as my poem.
Thanks Lori Jean...both Joann and I are honoured to appear on your blog : ))

Anonymous said...

This is such a clever idea to identify a water bottle (or just about anything else you care to wrap it around!)

Laur' said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much for sharing this wonderful idea. I made 20 of them last weekend to give to co workers. We are all on a healthy living challenge thru the end of the year. I buy bottled water at a local discount store so we all have the same kind of water...this will keep us from forgetting where we left our water! Thanks again for sharing.

Moonpie said...

I am having a hard time finding the split jump rings in the sizes you mentioned. When I looked the also mentioned open or closed split jump rings. Which are these. Do you know where I can find some? Thanks! Love your idea

Anonymous said...

These would be great for Vacation Bible School to make & use.
Thank you for your time & creative work. Today I am making snowflake ornaments (my 1st bead project).

Ivory Moon said...

What a brilliant idea .... They are so cute too xxxx

Tina xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori Jean~

Thank You Again! I'm flattered that you liked my idea of the "Water Bottle I.D. Band."

I liked your way of doing them too! I'm going to make some your way to give my Grandaughter to take to College. I'm sure they will come in handy as she will be starting her 1st semester in August.

Sincerely~ Joann

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love these. Made them for my family and friends. Now everyone knows whose bottle is theirs!!!

Richard C. Lambert said...

Cut a piece of beading wire that will be long enough for the name and faceted beads. Make sure you have a little extra wire at the ends. this blog

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