Sunday, May 29, 2011

How To Make A Sparkling Snowflake Ornament...Sooo Easy!

See my YouTube tutorial below on how to make this lovely snowflake!


Below is everything you will need to make ONE snowflake. I purchased the beads at
14 of the 25mm acrylic crystal clear starflake beads (Some call it a paddle wheel bead)
6 of the 8mm acrylic crystal clear faceted round beads
12 of the 8mm dark ruby acrylic faceted round beads OR the beads I found at Michael's (See pic below.)
12 of the 11mm acrylic crystal clear tri-beads
2 Tinsel Stems (pipe cleaners) in "Iridescent." They carry this at Walmart.

Wire Cutters
E-6000 or Bead Glue
Bead Thread in Gold or Silver


Taylors Lodge said...

Thank you for sharing this I love them.

Helen in the UK said...

Found this tutorial on YouTube. Thanks so much for sharing. I found a kit for a similar ornament very cheaply in local thrift store ... only thing missing was the instruction sheet!! With your tutorial I think I can now make them up to sell at local charity sale. Thank you :)

Rebecca Z. said...

I'm going to make these this evening with my Girl Scout troop! I can't wait, the girls are really going to LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Loved the tutorial.

Marie Peters said...

Love these! At the end of the video, you are sort of holding one of the larger paddle beads in the middle...what would you do to attach, just glue it on?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! I'm craft challenged, but you make these look so easy to make! Thank you for sharing how to make these!!!! Can't wait to give it a go!!!

Elaine White said...

I loved making these,I so wish I could show you some I have made.Your tutorials are so easy to follow,and I just got the bits and bobs I needed all set up and then just sat and let you walk me through the video,Bless you for sharing your crafting skills xx

Laura Evans said...

You mention 18 mm paddle wheel beads in the video but list 25 mm beads in the parts list below the video. Could you clarify which to order please? These are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing how to make them!