Monday, November 26, 2012

Cold Hands....Warm Hearts! Nice Little Hand Warmers!

I made this set of flannel hand warmers for my sweet daughter-in-law's mother. She suffers with cold hands/pain in her hands. I found a heart template at that worked perfectly. I used "heart template 1" and I chose the heart in the far left hand corner. If you are making this for a male, I would suggest googling other shape templates other than hearts. Just heat them in the microwave for 25 to 35 seconds and hold the hearts in the palms of your hands. Slip on a pair of gloves for an extra-toasty treat! Wonderful! The hand warmers may seem slightly "damp" when you microwave them, but they dry very quickly and it actually feels good. Okay, now for the instructions:

Textured Felt (I chose red and beige so I could make one side red and the other beige.)
Red Embroidery Thread
Dry Rice (Or Buckwheat will do)
Embroidery Needle (I used size 20)
Aleene's No-Fray Glue
Precision Scissors

Cut two squares of felt and line them up back-to-back. Print your heart shape and staple it in the middle onto the two pieces of felt. Use precision scissors to cut along the heart pattern. Now you have your two heart pieces! Sew the two hearts together using a simple running stitch, stopping about an inch before you finish. Add a few tablespoons of dry rice and finish sewing it closed. Tie off with a knot and dab some Aleene's No-Fray glue on it, hiding the knot in between the heart seam. Repeat the same process with the next heart and your finished!. 

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Candy Cake and Crafts said...

What a cute idea! I know a few people that have cold hands that would truly appreciate this. I do have a question though, is it safe to microwave this when it has the no fray glue on it?