Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Make An Adorable Fake Bubble gum Machine To Hold Sweets 'N' Treats...and MORE! Inexpensive Gift Idea!


Make this adorable faux bubble gum machine for ANY occasion. This super-cute "machine" would look great on your kitchen counter, in your family room OR in a child's bedroom! There are so many possibilities with this craft and you can decorate according to the person's favorite colors, hobbies, themes, collections, etc. ~ Keep in mind that this little globe can hold a lot more than just treats! Some examples: Splenda packets, tea bags, hair barrettes for little girls, party favor toys, trail mix, animal cookies, individual drink mixes that come in the tubes, baby washcloths, etc.! See the video for complete instructions because you really do need a visual for this project.

Materials Needed:
(If possible, I highly recommend that you watch the video above for tips and visuals.)

* Standard Globe Vase (NOT fluted at the top) I found mine at the Dollar Tree. My  globe measured approx. 15.25 inches around the widest belly part of the vase.
* One 4 inch clay pot (I found all my clay pots and saucers at Michael's)
* Two 4 inch clay saucers
* One 3 inch clay saucer
* One wooden knob OR acrylic/glass knob (You won't have to paint the acrylic/glass knob.
* High Gloss Acrylic Paint in in your choice of color for the clay pot and wooden knob.
* High Gloss Metallic Acrylic Paint in your choice of color for the all the clay saucers.
* E-6000 Glue (This is the only glue I would use. Not a good idea to use hot glue because it will eventually fall apart.)
* Decal, embellishments or ribbon (Your choice!)

1. Before you start, you will need to soak your clay pot and dishes in very hot water with a grease-cutting liquid dish washing detergent, such as Dawn.  This will cause the UPC stickers on the pots to slide off easily. Make sure the pots dry overnight because you DON'T want to paint over damp clay pots! 

2. Paint your pot and wooden knob with one color of paint, then paint the saucers with another color. Make sure to paint all sides...inside and out. Mine took 2-3 coats of paint, depending on the colors you choose. This will be the toughest part because you'll have to be patient and make sure everything is thoroughly dry. NOTE: The lighter the color, the more coats of paint it will need. This process took me a few days. 

3. Once everything is painted, you have done the toughest part! Be sure the paint is not tacky! Next, you will assemble the pots using your E-6000 glue. Turn the pot upside down and use a fairly generous amount of glue on the bottom. Center one of your 4 inch clay dishes on top. Place some more glue around the inside rim part of the 4 inch clay dish that you just placed on top of the pot. Center the vase globe. While you are allowing that to dry thoroughly overnight, you can assemble your lid. Take your 3 inch clay dish and run the glue around the rim of the dish. Center and assemble by placing that 3 inch dish inside a 4 inch clay dish. Allow to dry thoroughly. Once everything has dried overnight, glue the knob on top of your assembled lid. You are almost done! Now add your own personal embellishments. Allow the glue to continue "curing" for a least a couple of days. Lastly (and this is optional) you may want to trace and glue some stiff felt or very thin cork board to the base of your pot. This will help prevent scratching your counter or table top. TIP: At the very last when everything is COMPLETELY dry, lay your project on its side so the glue fumes can "air out" from the bottom of the pot. I let mine air out for 24 hours and it worked great! 

Have fun with this project!


ramirez.nina32799 said...

Love this idea where did u get the decal from and how big would u recomend it to be? Thanks

HappyBird's Crafting Haven said...

Thanks Nina! I bought my decals from Ebay. The width doesn't matter, however, the HEIGHT of the decals can't be more than 3.25 inches high unless you go with a taller pot. I had to use a taller pot when making my brother an L.A. Kings treat holder because the smallest decal height I could find was 4 inches tall. It turned out very nice!

Anonymous said...

How do you apply the decals? Do you need to use a glue?