Thursday, December 1, 2016

DIY~Adorable Christmas Mouse Made From Child's Dollar Tree Sock! EASY NO-SEW!

Make these adorable no-sew Christmas mice out of kid size Dollar Tree Socks! These are unbelievably easy to put together AND very inexpensive! Please click on the following YouTube link to see my full tutorial:   

TIP:If you are concerned about bugs when storing your mice, you can crush a bay leaf and put it inside the sock. This will repel any bugs.

Materials Needed:

*White Rice
*White Kids Athletic Socks in size 4-6.1/2
* Colorful Kids Socks in sizes smaller than the white socks.
*Felt For Scarves In Coordinating Colors With Hat
*Light Pink & White Felt
*Chenille Pipe Cleaners-Red & White
*12mm White Pom-Pom
*White Yarn In 4 Medium
*Snowflake Embellishment
*Small Red Heart Shaped Flat Back Rhinestone
*Clear, Small Rubber Bands (Found in the hair care section at Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store, Walmart.)
* Upholstery Thread (White) to tie around neck and hat. (Found at Walmart)
*Black Puffy Paint
*Narrow Hemp Cord in black or dark brown. (I found mine at Michael's in the Bead Landing brand.)
*Pink Blush from the Dollar Tree

*Scissors (Detail pair and larger pair.)
*Hot Glue Gun
*Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue

This is the order in which you should put your Christmas Mouse together:

1. Stuff sock with white rice.
2. Make hat.
3. Make ears and glue to hat.
4. Make yarn arms.
5. Make candy cane and glue to hands.
6. Make yarn tail.
7.Make scarf with snowflake embellishment.
8. Make feet and glue to bottom of mouse.
9. Add heart bling.
10. Make face in this order...glue pom-pom on face, put blush on cheeks, add whiskers, make eyes and nose with black puffy paint and place mouse level on back to dry.  


MetalFimo2 said...

molto carini questi topini, ciao.

J. Ford said...

These little mice are adorable. I want to try making these for my little nieces and nephews. They will love them. Thank you so much for sharing.