Friday, December 9, 2016

DIY~Tiny Snowman Made From Finger Of Stretchy Dollar Glove! Christmas! No Sew!

Make this adorable little snowman or snow lady out of the finger part of a dollar stretchy glove! With 1 pair of gloves in white and 1 pair in the color of your choice, you can make 10 snow people! Set these little cuties at each place setting and watch your guests go crazy over them! OR you can use them as a stocking stuffer or ornament to decorate your tree. They are about 
2-1/4 inches tall, so you can hide them just about anywhere! Be sure to check out my full tutorial on YouTube by clicking on the following link:

TIP: If you are concerned about bugs when storing your snowmen, you can crush a small piece of a bay leaf and put it inside the sock. This will repel any bugs.

Materials Needed:

*White Rice
*1 Pair White Stretchy Gloves 
*1 Pair Stretchy Gloves In Color Of Your Choice
*Clear Rubber Bands
*Tiny Bells OR any embellishments for the hat
*Felt (In a color that would coordinate with the hat.)
*Tiny Buttons OR Tiny Flat Back Rhinestones
*Tiny Flat Back Rhinestone Heart
*Orange Acrylic Paint
*Dollar Tree Blush (L.A. Colors) in Pink Blush
*Black Puffy Paint

*Hot Glue Gun
*Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue
*Precision OR Detail Scissors
*Long Blade Scissors
*Wire Cutters

You should put your snowman together in the following order:

*Stuff finger from white glove with rice. 
*Add hat using finger of colored glove, then put together with bells or embellishment.
*Add scarf with embellishment.
*Add buttons and heart embellishments to front of snowman.
*Put blush on cheeks.
*Cut orange painted toothpick and glue onto "nose" area of snowman.
*Make eyes and mouth with black puffy paint. Lay snowman flat to dry. 

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Karla E. said...

These little snowmen are so cute!
What a great idea, thank you for sharing your
crafts with us!