Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DIY~Sweet Little "Bee My Honey Lollipops" From Dollar Tree Materials!

Make these adorable little "Bee My Honey" lollipops from mostly Dollar Tree materials! Make them for MORE than just lollipop toppers; they can be used to twist around a pencil or maybe on a dowel to place in a bouquet of flowers/potted plant. You can use them as package decorations or place on a top of a jar of honey for a cute gift. You may want to use these when making hair bows for little many uses! Click on the following YouTube link to see my full tutorial on how to make these little sweeties!

Materials Needed

*Heart Shaped Lollipops
*Chenille Pipe Cleaners in black and color of your choice
*Googly Eyes from the Dollar Tree
* Glittered Fun Foam/Craft Foam hearts from the Dollar Tree (NON-adhesive)
*Flat Back Adhesive Rhinestone Hearts from the Dollar Tree (Optional)
*Heart Stickers from the Dollar Tree
*"Bee My Honey" tags printed off Word and cut into strips with pinking shears

*Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun
*Wire Cutter
*Round Nose Pliers
*Sharpie Marker (To form bee's body.)

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